Yamaha R1 catalogue (titanium)

Please note, as all my components are hand made in the traditional way. I can restyle any component to your design or specification provided the part remains functional and safe, usually at no extra cost. All the components below are machined from titanium.

Suspension linkage bolt set:

R1 titanium suspension boltsR1 titanium suspension bolts

Weight of original set is 191g, mine are 104g, saving 87g with a further 18g saved on the nuts, giving a total weight saving of 105g.

Manufactured with a much closer tolerance through the linkage bushes to reduce play in suspension train. My shafts measure 10.08mm which gives a nice sliding fit without the bagginess.

The heads have a 20mm flange with 12mm hexagon, relieved in the centre. I can drill the flats for lockwiring if required.

Any style or size of head can be dictated to your specification at no extra cost provided it doesn