Yamaha R1 7075 T6 alloy parts

These components are the same as the titanium ones I make only a further 20% lighter! But for strength reasons 7075 is not suitable for all components. For the components I do make in 7075 you can be sure it is plenty strong enough.

7075 alloy axles are meant for track use and light road use only, they are not designed to take 2 up with all the camping gear on the back on bumpy roads, for that you need titanium!

7075 alloy has relatively poor corrosion resistance, so for parts that are difficult to get at to keep clean once fitted i offer the option of Surteck 650 passivate coating. This is a corrosion resistant coating which does not stress the metal during application, unlike anodising. 7075 alloy does not anodise very well, but it can be done. Quote for anodising on request.

Oil cooler bolt

7075 Oil cooler bolt7075 Oil cooler bolt

Weighs just 41g, that