Price Guide

Turbo-Bandit-titanium-engine-mounting-bolts-21-150x200All my prices are based on the cost of the metal required and the time it takes to make. The longer the spindle the more difficult and time consuming it is to produce so the cost becomes greater. I quote for each job individually as I make parts for named bikes, not the shelf.





Wheel/swinging arm spindle price range per size based on common length spindles, (please use the form provided for an accurate quote):


Please Note:

All prices are approximate and may fluctuate depending on current metal prices,

Max Diameter Price Max Diameter Price
16mm £75 – £150 30mm £250 – £350
20mm £100 – £200 35mm £300 – £400
22.25mm £145 – £250 40mm £350 – £500
25.4mm £175 – £300 45mm £400 – £550


Terms and conditions of payment: Once a job has been confirmed and the invoice issued it must be paid within 7 days and before any work is carried out. Anyone failing to settle an invoice within that time could be blacklisted, meaning I will not do work for them again, this is because I am one man on a machine and rely on a steady flow of work, I don’t have spare capacity for timewasters or dreamers. Genuine changes in circumstances will always be taken into account of course.

For a bespoke quote, please download the following form (click on the chevrons to the right) and complete the form fields. To send the form, simply click ‘Submit Form’ at the end of the page and the form will automatically prepare your email to send.