I’ve properly retired now, i’m no longer a titanium engineer and its great! I loved making stuff, titanium had its peculiarities and could be hard to handle, but it was worth the effort. I’ve made some great friends and i’ll say something about the biking community, they are a decent and honest bunch! In all the time i’ve been making […]


I’ve now retired, i wasn’t going to retire fully but all those hours being scrunched up at the lathe has taken its toll, if Quasimodo and i were in a handsome man competition on a beach it would be me with sand in my face! I have loved crafting titanium into useful and beautiful objects and in the process have […]

Paying via Paypal, i’m going broke

Recently i’ve had few customers from overseas who have said they would pay for their parts via Paypal using the ‘gift’ or ‘family and friends’ option so i don’t get the charges, some forget and some say they have but i’ve still ended up with fees to pay. As I always make clear any fees attached to payments come straight […]


A month ago I drowned my phone in a river whilst bothering trout. Mobile phones and I just don’t get along very well, there is usually some drama going on that requires me to want to fling it off a cliff or pour acid all over it. Sometimes it isn’t the actual phone but the service provider or spare parts […]

Oh Oh

Douglas D Zaster called this morning and freaked my phase converter out completely, which has the knock on effect of freaking me out completely! Result being I can’t run the machines until its fixed, so for everyone who is waiting for jobs I’m really sorry but there will be a bit of a delay until I’ve worked out whats wrong […]

Titanium valve retainers and seats

Here are uggins of titanium valve retainers and seats I’ve made for a team who race Honda’s. I had stepped cutters ground to form the collet angle and step, its the only way I’ve found to cut the angle accurately and repeatedly.

Paypal payments/charges

Even though i always ask for payments made through Paypal to be sent as a ‘gift’ (as any charges come straight out of my wages), very few people do, so i often end up losing money. Some how that doesn’t feel fair when i’ve worked my bollocks off and charged as little as i can, its not fair on me […]