Paying via Paypal, i’m going broke

Recently i’ve had few customers from overseas who have said they would pay for their parts via Paypal using the ‘gift’ or ‘family and friends’ option so i don’t get the charges, some forget and some say they have but i’ve still ended up with fees to pay.

As I always make clear any fees attached to payments come straight out of my wages, i’m a one man band working as a sole trader, when i send out an invoice the total at the bottom is the amount i need to receive, any less than that is less money for me to live on.

A tenner here and a few quid there might not seem much, but over the year it adds up and i can find i’ve worked for a week without pay. If you agreed on a figure but then got 4% less would you be happy?

Any Paypal payments that come through with fees attached i’ll have to return, which unfortunately can take up to 3 months to land back with the sender apparently, so please please please use the ‘friends and family’ function.

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