Spending reassurance

If you are looking at this site and reading this blog you are clearly a very discerning individual! As such you probably spend a little bit more than you are comfortable with on your bike, or rather a lot more than your partner is comfortable with, so let me reassure you and your partner that its ok, its normal, its healthy and not at all insane. What is insane is spending £180 on a card of wool.

I tie flies for fly fishing and there is a type of wool thats used to make maggoty looking flies called Chadwicks 477 yarn, theres a couple of yards on a card but they don’t make it anymore. You’d think it is the holy grail of fly tyers, a nearly full card of it appeared on ebay a few days ago, it sold for £180! There isn’t anything special about it, its just regular wool with the happy coincidence that when you tie it onto a hook and chuck it in a river its colour and texture fools fish into thinking its alive and tasty. I don’t know about you but i certainly feel that my £180 would be better invested in a pair of super sexy engine mounting bolts or the like, which will last the lifetime of the bike and not leave me feeling a fool!

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