Honda titanium panel bolts

These are titanium panel bolts for a Honda, they are tapped M5 down the shank. Tapping titanium is always fun, you just never know when its going to snap the tap! The smaller the thread the more buttock clenching it is, because its such tough stuff smaller taps often don’t have enough strength in them to cope, which is why […]

M6x115 titanium race spec bolt

This was a tricky little blighter to make, turning half inch bar down to 6mm with good accuracy and consistency is not easy, but i’m pleased with how its come out. It could be racier if the shank was waisted.

Suzuki RGV titanium wheel spindles

Here’s a pair of titanium Suzuki RGV250 wheel axles hot off the lathe. I”ve modified the head of the front spindle, the original has an external hex sticking out to hold it whilst tightening the nut, so i dispensed with that and broached and internal hex so the spindle can finish flush with the fork leg, weigh less and generally […]

Aprilia RS250 7075 alloy swinging arm spindle

This is a 7075 alloy swinging arm spindle with the frame insert, collar nut, top hat spacer and washer for an Aprilia RS250. They are coated with Surtek 650 for corrosion protection which gives them the milky kind of colour, this can be polished off exposed areas if needed, but the bare areas will have to be polished now and […]

Aprilia RS250 7075 alloy steering head stems

Here’s a brace and a half of 7075 alloy steering head stems for Aprilia RS250’s. I’m opening a shop on my website soon, you’ll be able to buy one of these from there as one of them is for stock. As usual being 7075 alloy they are Surtek 650 coated for corrosion protection.

Aprilia RS250 7075 alloy front spindle and suspension sleeve

I’ve done quite a few titanium and 7075 alloy spindles for Aprilia RS250’s recently, they’ve always been popular but there’s been a bit of a rush on! They are probably popular because the front spindle is huge for a 250, i’ve made smaller ones for 1000cc bikes! These are coated with Surtek 650 as normal, it gives it a sort […]

Aprilia titanium subframe bolts and quickshifter link rod

I’ve done a fair amount of parts for Aprilia’s recently, here’s a set of titanium subframe bolts and a quickshifter link rod. The subframe bolts are tricky as they have an M5 tapping down them, never much fun. The tie rod has left hand thread at one end, some folk charge extra for left hand threads, to me there’s no […]

Honda titanium crank end bolts

Here’s a couple of titanium bolts to hold the generator on to the end of the crank on a Honda. The thread is 9×1.25 which isn’t the commonest of threads, but being a man on a manual lathe its just the same as cutting any other thread, obsolescence has no meaning to me!

6082 alloy BSA RGS steering damper knobs

Here’s another batch of 6082 alloy BSA RGS steering damper knobs. They can be for any bike that has this damping arrangement, all the dims and thread can be altered to fit anything just about. The thread in these is 5/16 BSF. The recess in the center is to take a badge.