Woke up this morning and thought Mr. Trump had pressed the wrong button and set the world on fire. I haven’t twiddled with the colour or anything (i don’t know how), this is just how it looked, and people spend a fortune going abroad on holiday? nutters  

Ducati 900ss bevel titanium front wheel spindle

As we all know Ducati are my bestest ever bikes, and the original wire wheeled 900ss bevels are absolutely my favourite, i used to have one from 1977. they are unreliable, finicky, moody, need constant attention even whist riding, and blow up every 20k costing thousands to repair, thats my kind of girl! but boy when they are working well […]

Titanium cylinder head sleeve nuts

I confess i don’t know what bike these are from, its British because the thread is 3/8 cycle thread, its fast because they are from a racing bike and its a single cylinder because there are only 4. but we don’t need to know exactly what bike to enjoy titanium at lunch time, or breakfast, or tea time, bed time, […]