HMRC and the state of the nation –

Its fucked.

At least my experience of trying to run an honest, fair and compliant business leads me to the conclusion that hmrc and our glorious leaders have as much insight and foresight as an amoeba, and care even less. All the evidence shows that they operate from an instant gratification base with no regard for the consequence, fairness or even legality of their actions.

I don’t know whether they have singled me out or whether they have embarked on a process of self destruction. A couple of years ago they extorted money from me by lies, threats and manace, when presented with all the evidence to show they were in the wrong they just ignored it and escalated the threats.

Now they want to extort money from me to receive mail from abroad regardless of the contents. Again i don’t know if this is a general policy to bankrupt the country or just my face they don’t like. Recently 2 packets have been sent to me from the US, one contained a nut that was being returned and the other a part to be copied. No money was being exchanged and yet they held me to ransom saying if i didn’t pay them £27 for each packet they would return them to the senders. The packets are on their way back to whence they came.

They have never done this before and the only difference i can tell is that last year i didn’t earn enough to pay any tax due to my accident and illness so they had to give me some back, i guess that pissed them off and they are trying to make me pay for it now.

What the small minded miserable little fuckers fail to grasp is the potential income they would have generated had they not held me to ransom. The packet with the sample in was for me to copy and return, therefore they would have reaped in the tax revenue from the profit, purchase of the raw materials, the tooling needed to do the job, the packaging, the petrol needed to go and post the job, the postage, the energy to do the job and undoubtably a whole raft of other hidden and spurious taxes we don’t know about.

So all that leads me to my point – I can no longer do international jobs where samples are required to be sent. I will only be able to do them from drawings or if i can get hold of a sample closer to home. So Mr/Mrs. Taxperson if you are listening, you have just extorted yourself out of a big chunk of future tax revenue. I hope this isn’t going to put me out of business, if its does then don’t you think there is something wrong when the state can create the conditions that puts an honest thriving little business out of business?

Silly bastards.

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