KTM BST titanium sprocket nuts

KTM BST sprocket nuts aren’t like your normal sprocket nuts, oh no, these have to be like top hats made lozenge shape! i don’t have the tackle to copy the profile like the originals, so i had to knock the corners off to achieve something like the right shape to fit in the recess in the sprocket. These are titanium […]

Suzuki GSXR titanium axle and suspension set

Here’s an axle and suspension bolts set for a Suzuki GSXR. I’ve done 2 types of head on the rear axle for exactly the same bike as some folk change the rear wheel adjusters for something swanky that requires a different head, or maybe i’m wrong and it was different models that have different heads. Doesn’t make any difference to […]

Pot Noodle

For the first time in my life I’ve just made a Pot Noodle for lunch, it should be called Not Foodle as it doesn’t even resemble food. I won’t be having another, and this undoubtably waves good bye any chance of interstellar exploration and colonization, who’s going to tell Steven Hawking that its going to take more than 100 years […]

Titanium Montessa/Honda spindle set

HandD Racing are supplying a set of titanium axles, so i made some for them. They used to be for a Montessa but I believe Honda have taken over, so they are now for a Honda. I’m fairly happy about it as Honda is easier to type than Montessa. The originals are alloy front and rear with a steel swinging […]

7075 alloy Ohlins fork extensions

Here’s a pair of 50mm 7075 alloy fork extensions for Ohlins forks. I haven’t made them like this before, all the ones I’ve made before had machining for the adjustment mechanisms underneath, these are just effectively an extension of the fork tube that makes use of the original top nut, but it means the damper rod inside needs replacing with […]

Titanium 5/16 UNF screws and bolts

A customer has recently bought a Harley and has had some wheels fashioned out of what look like dustbin lids, with separate hubs. These titanium 5/16 UNF socket caps are to hold the hubs together. Thankfully as its a bespoke design for the hubs it utilises normal size fasteners rather than bolts that could hold the Eiffel tower together!


Woke up this morning and thought Mr. Trump had pressed the wrong button and set the world on fire. I haven’t twiddled with the colour or anything (i don’t know how), this is just how it looked, and people spend a fortune going abroad on holiday? nutters  

Ducati 900ss bevel titanium front wheel spindle

As we all know Ducati are my bestest ever bikes, and the original wire wheeled 900ss bevels are absolutely my favourite, i used to have one from 1977. they are unreliable, finicky, moody, need constant attention even whist riding, and blow up every 20k costing thousands to repair, thats my kind of girl! but boy when they are working well […]