spam spam spam spam……

things have changed a bit since Monty Python sang about the wonders of spam, my phone has far more blocked and blacklisted numbers in it than it does people i know!

its not just the irritation of answering the phone to a robot or moron its the fact that it disrupts my flow of work, so i’ve had to introduce yet another new approach to the telephone: i let it ring till its had enough then check the number thats called on the internet and my contacts, if i know who it is i’ll ring back, if it comes up as a spam number i’ll block it and if i can’t identify it i hope they phone back on my mobile and leave a message. i’m sick to death of winning lotteries i never entered, hearing about all the mystery virus’s infesting my computer and how much ppi i could get back on policies i never had.

So my apologies if you ring me and get no joy, its best if you email me, but if you can’t you can leave a message on my mobile if i don’t answer.

Oh and by the way, whoever keeps nicking my email address: i don’t supply pills to give you the biggest erection of your life or to make you skinny, neither do i supply girls for sex or offer sex myself, i run a strictly titanium business! What is wrong with these people?



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      morning pete , you made me smile , i hope your well and business good , how’s the eye coming along ? anyway sex and titanium in the same sentence do indeed do it for me !
      yes scrotes in the ppi, car claims etc require running through with a bit of ti64 me thinks . i used to leave all calls and run them through google and check but i’ve now got a free app ( iphone but prob available for android ?) called tru caller ( there is a few of these apps but this looked ok – and free ) and it scans the incoming call and then at same time checks on internet and displays if the caller is a known scrote caller ! , also if you receive one and it’s not picked it up you can add them to the international scrote list . everybody can add to it and the app can then block and warn more people ! sometimes it does not catch them and you still get them , but you can manually check and then add / block them. now then what about these girls ??!!!

      take care

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