invoices, eyeballs and blacklists

As we all know i had a really good go at blinding myself last xmas, i may still have yet, its going to be another year and at least 2 more operations before i find out if i’ll have any reasonable sight in it.

And as we all also know it has slowed my production down dramatically, therefore it has greatly reduced the amount i earn because i won’t put my prices up just because it takes me longer. So i am earning less, working harder and in discomfort, yet all of a sudden some customers have become reluctant to settle their invoices. I have always sent out invoices as i start work so people can be paying whilst i’m working, that seemed fair, but now i have a bench covered in parts that i’ve made and not been paid for, both completed and partially completed jobs. Thats simply not fair.

From now on i will not start any job until it is paid for in full, anyone who does not settle an invoice within 7 days whether i’ve started the job or not will be blacklisted, meaning i will not do work for them again.


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      hi Pete , nice to see an update of your blog and current work , I guess you have now seen your eye consultant and he has given you what is available as a fix for your damaged eye , it seems that it is going to be a slow recovery with a couple of operations ,I hope it can be a success for you and you can get back on track with your work / life as it was prior to your accident. with regards to folk non paying for started / completed work this is simply unfair , you are a decent , trustworthy bloke , besides being a top engineer. as you have acknowledged your work pace has dropped due to your injury but the quality hasn’t . your genuine customers will accept this and if you can’t deliver the goods in time then I’m sure they will accept a delay or cancel in good time before you have gone to the expense of ordering /starting the order .people who you have started /completed components for and not paid is just a no go ,and yes blacklist em and this will help you deliver the goods to the majority of your understanding customers maybe a little sooner !

      all the best

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        Thanks Dean,

        luckily it doesn’t happen often that someone messes me about with payment, but i really feel it when they do. Like you say the vast majority of my customers are honest decent folk who are happy to wait and pay for top quality hand made items. I’ve been lucky over the years i think, i’ve had very few problems with payment or supposed ‘it didn’t arrive’ scams, right now though when i’m struggling to earn enough to keep me and the business going it could be catastrophic. Once i’ve done a job or two for someone and i get to know them i’m quite happy to make them parts and send them before i get payment, knowing that the payment will come.

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