I’m getting there

I’m getting there now, won’t be long before i’m back in full production again i hope. It will take a little while to adjust to my new visual setting, but once i have i’ll be able to crack on as usual. The wounds are healing but leaving me questions over the types of jobs i take on in future. At the moment i may have to stop doing the very small fiddly jobs that require close up chuck work and lots of binocular vision.

Although i can now take orders i can’t give any real estimates for delivery until i have got back into it and worked through the backlog of jobs waiting to be done. All i can say is with all the will in the world i doubt i’ll be able to deliver new orders until well into summer, possibly even autumn, so new work will not be delivered for this season i’m afraid. So send me your spec, sit back and relax for a while, and in due course a fine piece of hand crafted titanium will arrive in your lap, just be patient!

Everyone who has contacted me to wish me a speedy recovery i thank you. Maybe all your thoughts have worked, by rights i guess i shouldn’t have a right eye now, certainly not one i can see through! Theres a way to go yet before i’ll know how much clarity of vision i’ll have and further surgery is back on the cards, but i can see out of it, all they have to do is figure out a way of focusing whats outside my eyeball onto my retina and bingo! Their challenge is that what they have to work with won’t support the usual array internal fixes due to the damage.


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