Injury pauses play

At xmas I managed to injure myself to the point where i can’t work. My biggest fear and dread is realised, a poxy little injury is keeping me from my passion! I’m not actually sure yet when i’ll be back at work but i hope it will be in the next 2-3 weeks.

The consequence is that it means i can’t take any more work on for now. Its going to take me a while to get back to full speed once i get going, the work i already have booked will take me until late autumn i expect, so until i get stuck back in and can get an idea of when jobs will be completed i’m not taking any more on. I don’t like taking on a job if i can’t say when i can do it, and at the moment i haven’t a clue.

So as soon as i know roughly when i’ll be able to complete new jobs coming in i’ll accept them, the best i can do at the moment is keep them on file in date order until i’m back at it and then confirm at a later date.

wish me luck……


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