Dogging at xmas

Ha! you thought i meant hanging around in the dark peering into steamy cars! What i really want to do is remind everyone that raisins, currants etc are very toxic to dogs, and at xmas our houses are full of mince pies and xmas cake etc, all as tempting to dogs as they are to us, but lethal. What made […]

Titanium rear axles with 7075 alloy nuts

Cheese is one of my favourite foods, but having a brain made from the Swiss variety gets frustrating! Here’s a pair of titanium rear spindles with 7075 alloy nuts but I can’t remember what they are for! Over the summer I didn’t photo everything I made as I was getting a backlog of parts photo’s waiting for the oomph to […]

Titanium valve spring retainers

These are titanium valve spring retainers, can’t remember what bike they are from as i made them some time ago. To cut the collett angle I have cutters ground to the correct angle, but they don’t last long!      

Titanium sidestand bolts

Here’s a couple of titanium sidestand or ‘kickstand’ bolts I’ve made. Apart from being light and strong, always a bonus on a motorcycle, they are incredibly corrosion resistant, more so than stainless steel, so they are ideal to be tucked away where they can be seen, get all the road much and salt etc but difficult to keep clean.   […]

Titanium swinging arm spindles and nuts for racing Quad bikes

These are a pair of titanium swinging arm spindles and nuts for racing Quad bikes i made some time ago. Very straight forward, nothing unusual or complex about them, just functional items of joy! I haven’t done much for Quad bikes, i don’t know whether titanium hasn’t caught on with them yet or just isn’t needed on them, though the […]

Norton titanium wheel spindles and 7075 alloy nuts

These are titanium wheel spindles for a racing Norton, the nuts and washers are 7075 alloy. The rear axle is a bit thin to bore lengthways, it would have taken a 5 or 6mm hole but the cost to weight advantage just wasn’t worth it in this case so i left it solid, still 40% lighter than original. The front […]