Website registration – scummy spammers

When i had the website rebuilt we had a registration feature included which means to leave a comment you have to register on the site. its very quick and easy, just put your email address in and invent a username for yourself and thats it. I get notified when a new user registers.

Inevitably the scum sucking spammers are registering themselves as well, presumably to cause havoc and mayhem or try and sell handbags, sunglasses and penis enlargement tools. Why these people can’t find better ways to amuse themselves i don’t know, there’s always Beachy Head if they are short or something to do.

So whenever someone registers and it looks like a spammer i delete them, but occasionally i might get it wrong and delete a normal person wanting to register for legitimate reasons. If you find after you’ve registered your account has been deleted please email me and let me know who you are so that i can authorise your account as sometimes its not easy to recognise them, so i play safe and delete anything that looks suspicious.


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