Titanium acoustic isolation shafts

Some time ago i made Lignum Vitae parts for top end Hi-Fi equipment, they were feet for speaker cabinets and Hi-Fi equipment to sit on, very clever and highly accurate wooded feet connected by this titanium shaft to isolate sonic frequencies and stop any feedback and interference with the signal. Here’s some more of the connecting shafts, they are matched […]

Cheney MX titanium rear wheel axles and 7075 alloy nuts

This is a brace of rear wheel axles for a Cheney MX. There are 2 axles that are interchangeable across 3 swinging arms, two are identical but the 3rd has separate chain adjuster spacers and nuts, you can see the chain adjuster spacer is incorporated into 4 of the nuts (there’s 2 for spares which is why there are 6 […]

Norton titanium front wheel spindle

To go with the Norton titanium rear hub studs i also made a titanium front wheel axle. These Norton forks don’t have pinch bolts so the spindle has to be an exact size in the hole, a couple of thou (0.025mm) either way and t’jobs buggered, so they take some concentration and wizardry to get close enough to be just […]