Attention – comments on my blogs – registration needed by you!

When the new website was built we added an extra level of security which requires you to register to leave a comment. This is to stop quadzillions of scummy spammers from clogging up the wheels with shite, and potentially dangerous shite at that.

So please do not be put off by the registration system, i do value your comments, it doesn’t take long to register and then you can comment away to your hearts content! I have to approve all comments before posting, but unless they are unfit for publication i will post them even if they aren’t completely positive. I run an honest and open business so i will not hide negative as well as positive comments. All i need now is some comments!



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      evening pete ! just to say thank you for giving us the beautifully crafted pieces you create . keep up with the cracking work . I enjoy regularly checking up on your latest creations in your blog . look forward to booking a slot in your diary for a bit more ti64 magic .


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