Titanium car bolts

Here’s a bunch of titanium bolts for a car, they are M10, M12 and M14. I don’t know what car they are for, or for that matter what they stop from falling off, but i know its a rather special car!

BSA RGS alloy steering damper knob with titanium rod

This is another alloy steering damper knob along with a titanium rod to go with it I’ve made for a BSA Rocket Goldstar. The recess in the top is to take a standard 26mm dia badge. The knobs are fun to make, though they have to go through various machine and tool changes and are fraught with potential disaster areas […]

Titanium M5 posts

Here’s another set of posts for Moss Metal Finishing in Hipperholme, they use them to bolt alloy bits onto frames to be lowered into all manner of chemicals and potions when anodising. These ones have an M5 thread.

Mazda titanium manifold adapters

Here are some titanium manifold adapters for a Mazda, they go with the studs i made a short while ago. I’m not entirely certain what they do other than space out for an M8 thread, but the signs are an increase in power (not, i hasten to add, purely down to my titanium bits!)