Mazda titanium manifold studs

These little M8 titanium studs are for a Mazda manifold. My customer is a clever chap and has invented a new induction/exhaust system which boosts power, but means he needs longer head studs to make his arrangement fit, so these are they.

Titanium 5/8″ BSF bolts

Here’s some titanium 5/8″ BSF bolts i cooked up recently, they are going to a local firm as part of a job they are doing for someone. I like making big bolts, i make lots and lots of small ones which are fiddly and time consuming for what they are, and i always skin a few knuckles poking my fingers […]

Honda 7075 alloy cam box bolts and sump plug

This is a set of 7075 alloy cam box bolts and a sump plug for a Honda. 7075 alloy is lovely stuff, not as lovely as titanium you understand, but its a beautiful metal to work with, hard enough for good turning and milling but not so hard it strains the machines and my muscles!

Lotus titanium fasteners

This is a batch of titanium fasteners for a Lotus, they hold various pieces on to stop them falling off, but being a car i know little else about it. There are 2 styles of gear lever, one is a copy of the original and the other has a thread to take the knob.

Suzuki GSXR titanium suspension link bolts

This is a pair of titanium suspension link bolts for a Suzuki GSXR. These have a fatter shank than the original ones on the bike, nothing else has changed but by making the shanks about 0.1mm fatter they fit the standard sleeves better and takes out some of the play.