Lotus titanium gear lever

I do titanium stuff for cars now and again, this is for a customer who is restoring a Lotus, there’s some nuts and bolts coming soon as well. In the mean time this is a titanium gear lever, copy of the original. It was fun to bend, I had thoughts of contracting a fabricator, spring maker, pipe bender or anyone […]

Titanium BST drive pins

Here’s another 7 sets of titanium sprocket drive pins for BST wheels, they are off to Harwood Performance Source for them to supply with their BST wheels for anyone who wants them as an optional extra.

Kawasaki Z1000 7075 alloy steering head stem

A customer of mine is fitting later model yokes to an early model Kawasaki Z1000, this requires a new steering head stem making. I’ve made it from 7075 alloy as i do as standard for head stems, but i get them coated with Surteck 650 for corrosion protection. I always enjoy the jobs i get where the instruction is to […]

Honda SP2 titanium front wheel axle

This is a titanium front wheel axle for a Honda SP2, its a beauty! I always offer to modify the head to an internal hex rather than the tommy bar hole, i think it looks neater when the spindle finishes flush with the fork leg, and of course its lighter! But my customer wanted this one as per original.

Montessa titanium wheel spindles

Here’s a pair of wheel spindles for a Montessa, going to H&D Racing in York again. Even though the originals are alloy by the time i’ve bored the titanium ones they come out lighter than alloy, plus they are stronger. I used to make the rear axle with a 16×1.5mm thread as its a common size, but I now stick […]