Titanium M10 studs

Here’s some M10 (x1.25) titanium engine mounting studs. Wherever possible it is usually a lot more economical to make engine mountings as studs rather than bolts with integral head. Thats because they are usually very long and turning 20mm dia bar down to a good tollerance and finish over that length is very hard and time consuming. But to put […]

Titanium Montessa front wheel axle

Here’s titanium a front wheel spindle for a Montessa, going to H&D racing as usual. This one has the fat end extended to take up the place where the speedo drive usually lives, its a mod i do regularly as the trials lads don’t normally run a speedo.  

Titanium HRC valve retainers

Its been a titanium valve retaining week this week, i started off making 24 for a Westlake (3 Westlakes to be precise) and rounded off with 8 copies of HRC ones for an SP2, these in fact. The HRC retainers are stepped inside so i had to get a stepped cutter ground up to the right angles, even so cutting […]

Titanium Westlake valve retainers

Here’s 3 sets of titanium valve retainers for a Westlake, i’ve made about 120 so far in batches. They aren’t the easiest thing in the world to make, but nice when finished and of course gets some mass out of the valve train.

Magnetised titanium disc bolt

Here’s a little magnetised titanium disc bolt. One of the properties of titanium of course is that it is none magnetic, so i sunk a little super powerful magnet in the head.      

4-40 UNC titanium posts

These little deeny’s are posts for my local anodisers, they are used to bolt the job onto the frame then lowered into all the nasty chemicals they use. They have to be titanium or they would dissolve in all that goo. The thread is 4-40 UNC, tiny little beasts.