Suzuki GSXR1000K7 7075 alloy axles

These are front wheel and swinging arm 7075 alloy axles for a Suzuki GSXR1000K7 I’ve just made for a customer in Greece. His oem axles weigh 700g front and 683g swinging arm, his aim was to get the combined weight down below 800g, we succeeded!

The Guzzi Project *2

I’m now half way through stripping it, but because just about every nut and bolt is seized in its taking some doing and a lot of grinding discs! I’m not going to tune the engine particularly, i’ll lighten and balance what i can, skinny some bits down where possible, but what i’m interested in at the moment is getting it […]

The Guzzi Project *1. As I bought it

Its yonks since i had a project, the last bike i renovated was a Guzzi T3 about 14 years ago. It had been my road bike for a few years and needed an overhaul. For the last 5 and a half years i’ve been making stuff full time for everybody else, so i thought its about time i did some […]

Yamaha R1 7075 alloy rear wheel axle

As we all know 7075 alloy is not recommended for rear wheel spindles. The added forces from the drive can be too much for them. But this is for a track bike, it will never see the open road, on top of that it will be removed after every meeting for tyre change so can be inspected and checked before […]

Yamaha R1M titanium bolts and nuts

These titanium bolts and nuts are for a new 2015 Yamaha R1M. This is the first time i’ve made ‘trick’ nuts with the flats scalloped out, don’t know why i haven’t before because i’m capable. What i wasn’t capable of doing was drill down the points of the nuts ‘Gilles’ style, i could do the drilling of course but i […]

NSU titanium and 7075 alloy bolts and nuts

Here’s some titanium and 7075 alloy bolts and nuts i recently made for an NSU. They didn’t need to be titanium, stainless would have been ok but i don’t work with stainless, its horrible. So Rays little NSU will be running round just that little bit lighter and sexier for it!