Yamaha XS750 7075 alloy steering stem

This is a 7075 alloy steering head stem for a Yamaha XS750, my customer is fitting a ZX1000RX front end on the XS so it needs a new stem fitting to the ZX yokes, and this is it. Its been coated with Surtek 650 for corrosion protection and I took the photo’s when it was fresh out of the freezer […]

Lotus titanium bolts

Here’s a couple more titanium bolts for a Lotus. I went fishing with my brother yesterday, its 40 years since i last cast a fly, i didn’t disgrace myself, the fish did though, we didn’t catch anything.

Titanium fasteners for the anodising industry

I make titanium fasteners for Moss Metal Finishing, my local anodisers. Normally grade 1 titanium is the stuff to use but they found they weren’t strong enough and broke too readily, don’t worry, i didn’t make them! So we’ve been trying grade 5 ones for about 4 years now and they are working fine. Grade 5 is not supposed to […]

Honda SP2 7075 alloy wheel spindles

7075 alloy is not recommended for rear wheel axles, the forces produced by the drive train on top of the forces produced by riding can be too much even for 7075. But this one is going on a bike that is rarely ridden and only then on track days with promises of regular inspections. Even so I can take no […]

Aprilia RS250 titanium wheel spindles

These are titanium wheel axles for an Aprilia RS250. They are stonking big axles for a 250cc, i suspect they are interchangeable with other models but i could be quite wrong, in which i case i stand by what i said, these are stonking big axles for a 250cc!