Honda SP2 bottom yoke titanium pinch bolts

These are the bottom yoke pinch bolts for a Honda SP2 made from titanium. I always scallop the top out of bolts as standard (unless asked not to). You’ll see sometimes i make race spec bolts with holes drilled across the flats for lockwire, this is an optional extra which does increase the cost as its quite a lot more […]

Suzuki GSXR1000 K4 titanium rear wheel spindle

Here’s a titanium rear wheel axle for a Suzuki GSXR1000 K4 i made recently. its a big un. I don’t know if the solid end at the thread is standard of if it was just my customer requirement, but it meant it was bored all from the head end which is always a fun afternoons work!

Blog problems continue

The problem i have uploading photo’s continues unfortunately. I’ve got a lot of work to show you but its still all on the camera. As soon as its fixed you’ll be sick of the sight of titanium! (as if thats possible!)