Ducati 999R titanium brake clevis and suspension bolt

This little titanium brake clevis for a Ducati 999R is a bit out of my comfort zone as i don’t have the tackle to make it, simple though it is. Its not the machining thats the problem but setting up, i can only set up the milling machine by “t’t rack o t’ eye” (by eye) and as my eyes […]

Titanium suspension bolts and sleeves

This is a set of titanium suspension bolts and sleeves for i don’t know what. Its a bike but i’m not sure what flavour. The sleeves run in needle roller bearings so the tollerence and precision had to be exact, and they are! The bolts have 15mm dia shanks with 12mm threads and the sleeves are 22mm od.

Website registration

I’ve mentioned it before and i’ll keep mentioning it so as not to delete a genuine user! – I get bombarded by those charming spammer types who want to hijack my website to sell shite, nick information or generally cause havoc because they have tiny minds, no life and no idea what it is to work for a living. Its […]

Website registration – scummy spammers

When i had the website rebuilt we had a registration feature included which means to leave a comment you have to register on the site. its very quick and easy, just put your email address in and invent a username for yourself and thats it. I get notified when a new user registers. Inevitably the scum sucking spammers are registering […]

Titanium acoustic isolation shafts

Some time ago i made Lignum Vitae parts for top end Hi-Fi equipment, they were feet for speaker cabinets and Hi-Fi equipment to sit on, very clever and highly accurate wooded feet connected by this titanium shaft to isolate sonic frequencies and stop any feedback and interference with the signal. Here’s some more of the connecting shafts, they are matched […]

Cheney MX titanium rear wheel axles and 7075 alloy nuts

This is a brace of rear wheel axles for a Cheney MX. There are 2 axles that are interchangeable across 3 swinging arms, two are identical but the 3rd has separate chain adjuster spacers and nuts, you can see the chain adjuster spacer is incorporated into 4 of the nuts (there’s 2 for spares which is why there are 6 […]