Titanium power boat spacers

These are titanium spacers to space out the power head on a racing speedboat. I made the bolts for it a few weeks ago which seem to work very well but the additional strength in them means the existing alloy spacers crush (rather than the bolts break), so we’re trying titanium ones.

Titanium engine mounting studs

Here’s a set of titanium engine mounting studs for an erm…… those car parts scrambled my brain and i can’t remember anything any more! Thankfully I can still remember that perfection is my goal. The M12 stud is on a 1/2″ shaft making it much quicker and easier to produce as 1/2″ is stock bar size so there was no […]

7075 alloy anti-roll bar links for a car

These are 7075 alloy anti roll bar links i think. They are for the same car as the previous blog. I’m not very helpful am i? But at the end of the day i don’t actually need to know what the parts i’m making will be fitted to (as long as its not for nefarious activities, in which case find […]

Titanium car parts

This is a batch of car parts i’ve just finished. Man they took some doing! I don’t know what car, or what the parts do in reality, most of them are suspension and anti-roll links. There is one part for a boat which is a steering block.

Borile titanium spindle set

Here’s a set of wheel and swinging arm spindles for a Borile. I must confess i’d never heard of them before, but it looks a great little bike, and now its got great little titanium axles! The sleeve nuts and normal nuts are all 7075 alloy.