7075 alloy wheel bearing holders and spacer

This is a 7075 alloy wheel bearing spacer with bearing holders. The length of the spacer is critical as even 2 thou inaccuracy could cause side loading on the bearings causing them to fail, so there was a lot of measuring, checking and rechecking the length.

Titanium M6 waisted bolts

These are some tricky little M6 bolts with waisted shanks, the trickiness is not in machining the shanks but in holding them after to machine the heads. Normally I make the shanks just a thou or two under full diameter so they would be around 5.97mm with the thread diameter 5.85mm which means i can hold onto the shank without […]

Titanium outboard motor bolts

These are 2 hefty bolts to hold the outboard motor onto a boat. But this boat is a Thundercat, the ones they race seriously, you know, the ones that fly more than float, they take off for a hundred yards and touch down just enough to take off again! The problem lies when they touch down it rips the motor […]

Kawasaki ZX7RR WSBK type titanium chain adjuster bolts

These are chain adjuster bolts for a Kawasaki ZX7RR, but not just any old Kawasaki ZX7RR, one thats got an ex WSBK swinging arm in it and i suspect a shed load of other WSBK bits as well. Studs like this can be tricky to make when there is no plain shank in the middle to hold on to whilst […]

Titanium M8x70 bolts

Here’s a couple of titanium M8x70 bolts i’ve recently made. Probolt do the same bolt but with only a 10mm hex when my customer wanted 13, so i’ve had to make them.

Titanium BST sprocket drive pins

These are titanium BST sprocket drive pins for an Aprilia, they’ll be raced in America. Twiddly things to make, i had to make a holder to hold when cutting the second thread as there isn’t enough plain section in the middle to hold on to, so it made them a bit more involved and nerve wracking to produce. I’m not […]