Ducati 916 titanium front wheel spindle

This is a front wheel axle for a Ducati 916 i’ve just cooked up. I don’t know what it is about Ducati’s but i just love making bits for them, maybe its because its a bit of a challenge as they are usually made with lightness in mind or maybe its because i’ve owned, ridden and raced them for over […]

Manx Norton titanium rear wheel spindle

Here’s a titanium rear wheel axle for a Manx Norton i’ve recently made. its 9/16 diameter with 20 tpi threads. It would have taken a hole down the length for extra lightness but the customer didn’t want that, he wanted it to look original (apart from the shininess).

7075 alloy wheel bearing spacer

Here’s a small job i had, its a 7075 alloy wheel bearing spacer. My customer was having problems with his front wheel bearings overheating and wearing out, he discovered that the spacer was slightly the wrong length meaning there was side loading on the bearings. So i’ve made him a new one which we hope will be just right. Its […]

Titanium gear stick knobs for a car

I’ve been busy making some titanium gear stick knobs for cars. Although they are a simple turning job they were really tricky to make, i ended up having to make holders and mandrills to hold them whilst machining the top taper as there is nothing to hold onto once the first taper is cut. Some are M12x1.25 and some are […]

Titanium bolts for a car

Here’s some titanium bolts i’ve made for a car. The big one is M12x1.5 and is something to do with holding something on to the underneath, the race spec ones are to hold something else to something, and the little M8x1 flanged bolts are exhaust manifold bolts, i think they plug the tapping that takes the gas analyser sensor for […]