Titanium spindle and studs for sale

Like a knob I made a spindle and a couple of studs too short. For the first time i actually misread the dimensions on the drawing sent through. I have mitigation, but thats another story, in the mean time I have a titanium Triumph Bonneville swinging arm spindle and 2 M12 engine mounting studs going spare, but too short for a Bonnie! If you scroll down a bit you’ll see the post, the spindle is 17mm diameter on the shaft, 284mm long in total from under the head with 25mm of that being M16x1.5 thread. It is perfectly suitable to be used as a wheel spindle/axle.

The titanium studs are M12x1.25, one is 155mm long and the other is 198mm.

If you are interested give me a ring or email me, i can modify them a bit if needs be.

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