Montessa titanium and 7075 alloy parts

Here are some more titanium and 7075 alloy parts for a Montessa that are going to H&D Racing in York. There’s a front and rear wheel spindle in 7075 alloy coated for corrosion protection, then the swinging arm spindle, engine mounting and top shock bolts, and miscellaneous screws and top hat bushes in titanium.

Yamaha Fazer titanium engine casing screws

These little screws and bolts are always fiddly and time consuming, the smallest ones are M4 for the carb tops. The carb bolts posed a problem, they are 270mm long so it would be impossible for me to turn them out of solid, but i managed to get hold of some 6mm dia bar and loctited a nut on the […]

Titanium spindle and studs for sale

Like a knob I made a spindle and a couple of studs too short. For the first time i actually misread the dimensions on the drawing sent through. I have mitigation, but thats another story, in the mean time I have a titanium Triumph Bonneville swinging arm spindle and 2 M12 engine mounting studs going spare, but too short for […]

Aermacchi titanium banjo bolts

Here’s a couple more titanium banjo bolts for an Aermacchi, i did a couple a while ago for the rocker oil feed, these are for the crank case end of the oil line. Juicy little deeny’s.

Honda titanium M8 fork pinch bolts and sprocket studs

As we all know i’m a massive Grateful Dead fan, I listen to nothing else if i can help it, these parts are for a customer in San Francisco who’s uncle used to drive the equipment lorry for them (poor man if it was during the ‘Wall of Sound’ era)! Needless to say his parts are lavished with love and […]

Triumph Triple 5/16″ 7075 alloy engine studs

Here are some more 7075 alloy 5/16″ engine studs for a Triumph Triple, they have UNC thread on one end where it screws into the crankcase and UNF on the other end to take a nut. These had to be turned from 10mm dia bar as i couldn’t get hold of any 8mm 7075 alloy bar.

Yamaha RD500 7075 alloy clutch push rod and sprocket sleeve.

These are nice, a clutch push rod and drive sprocket sleeve made from 7075 alloy for a Yamaha RD500. The clutch push rod was a bit of a monster to turn, its 8.8mm diameter so had to be turned from 10mm bar, even in alloy over that length it wanted to dance and sing half way down and the deflection […]