Kawasaki ZXR titanium engine mounting bolts

Long engine mounting bolts like these are hard to get true, the deflection in the middle is considerable. Although its ‘only a bolt’ i can’t help getting them as accurate on the shank as possible, anything over 2 thou over the length is too much. So they take time to make, but are worth it when done. The fame inserts […]

Titanium Yamaha R1 front wheel spindle and suspension bolts

Then after i’d finished all the alloy stuff i went back to titanium to make a font axle and suspensions bolts for an early Yamaha R1. The earlier models have an external thread whereas later models have the end of the spindle tapped and a bolt to match. The front spindle as standard had a tommy bar hole through and […]

Montessa 7075 alloy spindles

This was a big job, 5 sets of axles for Montessa trials bikes, these are going to a trials team in Italy. They are all coated in Surteck 650 for corrosion protection. There are no nuts for the front spindle as it screws directly into the fork leg.