Ariel 7075 alloy valve spring seats and caps

Valve spring caps are always a good one to do in 7075 alloy as its strong enough and light. But they are very fiddly and tricky to make as accuracy is all important. I get cutters ground to the right angle (14 degrees) to form the taper for the colletts, but even so they take a lot of concentration and […]

Titanium top hat bushes

Here’s a pair of top hat bushes i’ve made for a customer. They are stepped inside, 7/16″ through the brim of the hat and 1/2″ up the spout! They are something to do with a car.

Montessa titanium swinging arm spindle and suspension bolts

H&D Racing need another swinging arm spindle and 3 sets of suspension bolts for Montessa’s. They are quite popular, I think Marks trials buddies have cottoned onto titanium for its strength and lightness! They are a nice set to make, the swinging arm shaft takes a bit of time to get just right, its 13.95mm diameter turned from 7/8th bar […]

Some more titanium car bolts…

These are for a different customer and a different car to the titanium car bolts i made a couple of weeks ago. I did ask what car these are from but I’d never heard of it and instantly forgot what he said. These are all UNF threads and imperial shank and head sizes, happily because of the way i manufacture […]

7075 alloy M8x1 bolt

Here’s a little pair of M8x1 bolts i’ve made to hold a cover on a Honda CR125. The thread length is only 6mm which is barely enough to strike the thread on. Even on little fine threads like this and in alloy i screw cut them to ensure the thread is true, then chase them up with a die to […]

Titanium car bolts

Here’s some titanium bolts for a car, i think, don’t know what car, don’t know what the bolts hold on not because its secret but because i didn’t ask, it was hard enough getting the dimensions, to try and find out what they do was just beyond me. They are 3/8 BSCY thread with 10mm dia shank and the thinner […]

Titanium prosthetic leg joint

Well here’s a new one for me, a part for a prosthetic leg. My customer is designing his own running blade so this piece is part of his design. It was fun to make, i like drilling holes and cutting grooves and the like, which are to allow the glue to run. It will have a carbon fibre tube glued […]

Titanium screws for Gilles chain adjuster blocks, Honda SP2

I’ve made some titanium screws for Gilles chain adjuster blocks for a Honda SP2. They are retained in place by a roll pin that sits in the groove under the head, but the OEM ones snap as its only 4.7mm dia at the bottom of the groove, so we’re trying titanium ones for the strength as well as lightness. But […]

Titanium jig bolts for the anodising industry

Good old Moss Metal Finishing needed some special jig bolts making up so they can jig about. They have to be titanium to withstand the treatment process, but grade 5 is not supposed to work very well due to its aluminium content which over time should get leached out, but they seem to hold up ok, they don’t seem to […]