Titanium boat bits

I’ve not done much for boats, why i don’t know as titanium has better corrosion resistance than 316 stainless and whether its on water or land the same rules of power to weight ratio apply! maybe a bit different as its a different medium, but whats true is that a heavy boat takes more energy to get it moving than […]

Titanium and alloy bits

I’ve made a pair of carb bellmouth bungs and a bearing spacer in 6082 alloy and 3 brake fork pins in titanium for a Honda. The brake pins are fiddly little fellows, getting the 1.5mm hole so close to the end is tricky when relying on ‘rack of the eye’. but my eye rack held out ok for these!

Harris Magnum titanium spindles and engine mounting bolts

I’ve just finished a set of titanium wheel spindles, swinging arm pin and engine mounting bolts and studs for a Harris Magnum. All went well and i discovered something! You may have read in an earlier post that i struggled to bore a spindle with a 10mm hole and blamed the rigidity to cut ratio for the trouble, well i […]

Triumph titanium casing screws

Just done a few titanium gearbox casing screws for a Triumph, they are BSW, BSF and BSCY threads. I’m never normally completely happy with dome head bolts when i make them as i struggle to get a really good finish on the heads, but i got the profiling tool ground nicely for these so the finish is not so bad.

Yamaha R1 titanium crank case bolts

I’m suprised i haven’t been asked for these before, this is the first set i’ve done and even if i say so myself they are pretty tasty! They are the bolts holding the crank cases together on a Yamaha R1, unfortunately i forgot to weigh one so i can’t say how much lighter than the originals they are, but 40% […]

Yamaha R1 titanium suspension bolts

Here’s a set of Yamaha R1 titanium suspension bolts. The sleeve hole diameters do seem to vary over the years, the first set I did needed 10.08mm dia shank for a nice sliding fit, these are 10.05. I like to have the sleeves to hand when i make them so they are matched pairs. They are drilled 4.75mm through the […]

Honda Fireblade titanium engine mounting bolts

Man these are tough to make, they are both 260ish mm long M12 so needed a lot of fiddling to get the defection out of them, which was considerable. One of them is drilled 1/4″ through the whole length, but the other isn’t! The adjuster piece is 7075 alloy Surteck 650 coated. This is the first set i’ve done for […]