Titanium fasteners

I’ve done 2 M12 x 115mm, an M10 x 256mm stud and a clutch centre nut, but i don’t know what from! I went through the hole process with numerous emails but didn’t once think to ask what they are from! Most unusual for me.

Suzuki TL1000 titanium drive sprocket nut

This is a titanium drive sprocket nut for a Suzuki TL1000. The OEM setup is a plain nut and washer, so i’ve combined the two into a flanged nut. The back is relieved out to fit over the output shaft, and it has 1 lockwire hole like the Yamaha R1 drive sprocket nuts. Its 27mm spanner size and 20×1.5mm thread.

Yamaha R1 titanium front wheel axle

Here’s another front wheel spindle for a Yamaha R1. They are always an emotional roller coaster to make, sometimes they drill easily but the deflection causes problems when getting the shaft to size, sometimes they turn easily but I struggle to drill them, one thing you can be sure of with titanium is that it will never be totally straight […]

Yamaha R1 titanium suspension linkage adjuster

Its not often I have to do left hand threads, but this little deeny has one! My customer described the original as ‘medieval’. I don’t know if it was a factory piece, i’d be suprised if it was, it looked like it had been made in a shed from pig iron!

Titanium wheel studs

These were hard to make, very tight tollerences and the waisting was horrible! They are rear wheel disc studs. I made quite a few a long time ago and I’d forgotten how tricky they are. The threads are 7/16 and 3/8 UNF

7075 alloy Yamaha R1 front wheel axle bolt

I’ve done quite a lot of these front wheel spindle bolts for R1’s, they are pretty nice. But you need to reduce the torque setting a bit as the factory spec is ludicrously tight, i don’t think Tristar engines are bolted on with the same level of torque!