Titanium Yamaha R1 valve cover bolts

Just finished making a set of titanium valve cover bolts for a Yamaha R1. happy little chaps they are. These are off to the USA along with the oil cooler bolts and other bits that i put up a couple of weeks ago.

Honda Fireblade titanium axles

This is a pair of titanium spindles I’ve made for a Honda Fireblade, they are a bit tasty! As with most of the superbike axles the rear is bored fatter through the shaft than it is through the threads, obviously. So this rear is bored 305mm all from one end, kept me happy for a couple of hours! The shaft […]

Titanium engine mounting studs

Here’s some engine mounting studs I made this morning, M10x1.25 and M8x1. 10mm and 8mm are both stock size bar so there was only the thread diameter to turn down. The customer is using ‘K’ nuts which are crimped to grip the thread, its always tricky to get the thread right for K nuts because of the crimp, you can’t […]

BMW racing outfit titanium linkages

I’ve just finished what is probably the hardest job i’ve done. The tube is 18 1/2″ long and drilled 7.7mm all the way through, the waisted rod is 12 1/8″ long, 10mm diameter waisted to 5mm. Both of them were beyond the extreme of my machines, but with perseverance, lots of tea and sheer doggedness i got them something like. […]

Seeley titanium wheel spindles (axles) and engine mounting bolt

I’ve just posted off this set of titanium wheel spindles (axles if you’re not from round here!) and front engine mounting stud with 7075 alloy nuts. The ends of the spindles (axles) have steel plugs in to ward off suspicious magnets. The engine mounting stud is 1/2″ diameter so i could drill it through with a 1/4″ hole. All the […]

M6 titanium race spec bolts

And then i made some M6 titanium race spec bolts. On small bolts like this finding the clearance to drill the flats is tricky, I screw them into a holder so i can raise them out of the indexing head chuck to give the drill chuck enough room to do its thing.

M10 titanium set screws for a go-cart

I’ve been back on with a few go-cart bolts again, these are flanged head rather than the hex head and socket caps did last time. Fully threading bolts is not the easiest thing in the world to do, mainly because there’s alway a clear and present danger of crashing the tool into the flange face, and invariably you have to […]