Stainless steel sleeve nuts…. shudder.

I hate working with stainless steel, its nasty. But i have it to do sometimes. So believe it or not these are staircase fittings, not in my usual line of products, but they could be made on a lathe so i’d no excuse not to make them!

Montessa engine mounting bolts

Well these seem to go down well. You may have seen some in an earlier blog, I make them for H&D Racing, they’d only been on his website for 2 hours and he sold 4! so I’ve had to get busy and make them, and here they are:

Honda titanium bolts

Just finished a batch of fasteners for a Honda 250/6 replica. These small bolts are fiddly to make and incredibly time consuming for what they are, but when they are done I always think they are worth it!

BSA RGS 6082 alloy steering damper knobs

So after my disaster, with the use of plastic under the jaws of the indexing head chuck I managed to chomp out the scallops ok. They are fun to make, but they generate a shed load of swarf which coats the entire workshop! The recess in the centre is for a badge to be glued in, I drill them through […]

BSA RGS 6082 alloy steering damper knobs – D’Oh!!!

Here’s what can happen if you don’t tighten the chuck up enough! I had it gripped on the shaft but as lightly as i dared as i didn’t want to mark it, but it wasn’t tight enough so it grabbed and spun it ripping off teeth on the way – double D’Oh! I didn’t make the same mistake on the […]

Titanium go-cart bolts

Its my first ever job for a go-cart! What fun! and i thought go-carts were the little peddly things noddy gets about in, but these are some serious bolts! The long ones are M10 threaded all the way, 130mm, luckily i’ve got a really good die which could get the deflection out of the middle of them, otherwise i’d have […]

Titanium and 7075 alloy motocross bits

Here’s a front wheel spindle and a couple of little bits for a motocrosser, not sure what bike it is! Even though its sat in my workshop for me to do some other work I don’t think theres a standard OEM part on it, and the engine doesn’t give me a clue either! Unusually for this kind of bike its […]

Aprilia SXV titanium rear spindle and engine plugs

Here’s a little beauty i whipped up, Aprilia SXV rear spindle and engine plugs. My customer wanted two of the engine plugs magnetic to catch stray metallic bits in the oil, so I’ve sourced some very strong 6mm dia disc magnets and machined a hole in the ends for them to be glued into.

Titanium panel screws

Here’s some titanium panel screws I’ve made for a VFR Honda. Alloy would have been lighter and plenty strong enough, but for some folk only titanium will do…. something I tend to agree with!