Titanium Mini suspension bolt set

I’ve made a fair bit of stuff for cars now, wheel nuts and the like, but here’s a set of suspension bolts modified from the original hex heads to Torx 50. They are rather nice i have to say. Broaching the Torx sockets is hard going due to the amount of metal that has to be removed, more so than […]

Titanium sprocket drive pins for BST KTM wheel

Yonks ago I said was making some drive pins for BST KTM wheels, well here they are, the photo’s have been sat on my camera waiting for this very moment! They are significantly more complex than the others for none KTM’s.   They have a 10mm socket for tightening the nuts:   The nuts are profiled with a 17mm radius:

Trouble at t’mill!

My computer fried itself 6 weeks ago and i’ve finally got back online again, i’ve tried to put up three or four blogs but something is amiss i fear as they haven’t appeared! So I think i’m back in business now and hope to be able to put up a load of stuff i’ve made over the last month, the […]