Titanium shock absorber adaptor

This is for another customer with a different car. He’s fitting some super duper extra special suspension units which have a different bushing arrangement on the bottom fittings, so i’ve made these to adapt them to fit the same as the originals. There’s a load of bolts i’ve yet to make to go with these.

Titanium 7/16 UNF bolts

I’ve been found out by car owners! I’ve got a few jobs for cars in at the moment, here’s one of them. They are 7/16 UNF and hold something on to somethings else to stop something falling off! sorry i can’t be any more specific than that, not because its secret but because its for a car, so what do […]

Triumph Bonneville titanium spindles and engine mounting studs

In between watching red kites do a fly by and trying to keep my cat fed i’ve made some titanium wheel spindles and engine mounting studs for a Triumph Bonneville. Feeding my cat is like stoking the Titanic, he just swallows up as much as you can shovel in! I’d post a pic of him but they haven’t invented a […]

Buell titanium spindles and bolts

Just nearly finished a set of spindles and brake mounting bolts in titanium for a Buell. I would have finished but theres another set of socket cap bolts to go with this lot, they are made with just the sockets to broach in the heads, unfortunately when i started broaching them I was a bit overenthusiatic with the press and […]