M12 shouldered torque arm bolt

I made an M12x1.5 shouldered bolt for a customer last week, unfortunately he made an assumption on the thread which turned out to be wrong, it needed to be standard 1.75 pitch, so i’ve made it again. But this time i’ve drilled down into the shoulder (which is 15mm dia) to get a bit more weight out of it.

Montessa 7075 alloy swinging arm spindle

I’ve done a few sets of spindles for Montessa’s, some in titanium and some in 7075. Originally they already have alloy wheel spindles but a steel swinging arm pin. The titanium wheel spindles come out at about the same weight as the original alloy ones by the time i’ve hollowed them out and skinny’d them down, but they have a […]

Titanium metric fastners

I’ve just made some predominately race spec titanium metric bolts. I’m supplying Probolt titanium metal type locknuts to go with them. This sort of stuff is fiddly to do, particularly drilling the lockwire holes in the heads, its all very tight on the machines and difficult to set it up with enough clearance for the drill chuck. But i managed. […]

Yamaha R1 7075 alloy oil cooler blocks and bolts

A customer required a pair of blocks designing and making to improve the oil cooling system on his race bike, these are what i’ve come up with. The threads are 3/8 NPT, thats an American tapered pipe thread. They aren’t polished, just deburred as they are off to the anodisers in a minute, i’ll put another photo up when i […]

M12x1.25 titanium tapered head socket cap bolts

Here’s some M12x1.25 titanium socket cap bolts with tapered heads i’ve just finished making. They were good to make, the shanks are nice and parallel for a bolt (within a thou). I make my bolts with full diameter shanks, most bolts you buy have shanks about the same diameter as the threads which should be nominal dia less 6 thou, […]

Yamaha R1 titanium wheel spindle set

Just finished a set of titanium spindles for an R1, just in the nick of time too, all the steel stuff i did earlier in the week made me feel unusual! its good to be back home with what i know and love. So these came out really well, good tollerences and bored nice and straight. They are BIG. The […]


i’ve just spent nearly a week on a load of mild steel frame fittings for a very special frame for a very special customer, finished it all not an hour ago, got out the camera to take photo’s and the battery is dead! D’Oh! So picture this, lots of steel top hat lugs and threaded bosses, swinging arm bearing tubes, […]