7075 alloy fly tying vice pivot joint

My brother needed an extra pivot for his fly tying vice, he likes to catch fish in bizarre places only to put them back again. So i’ve made this little fellow, what a tricky thing it was to do. i haven’t finished it as well as i could have because after my second attempt and 4 hours later i’d had […]

Yamaha R6 7075 alloy swinging arm pin

Today i’ve accidentally made a swinging arm pin for an R6 in 7075 alloy! I didn’t mean to when i got up this morning, but the customer who has ordered the other 7075 R6 parts decided he wanted one, anodised, so I decided to make it now so i could get it to the anodisers to be processsed with the […]

Montessa 7075 alloy wheels spindles and swinging arm pin

Just finished 2 sets of Montessa wheel spindles and a swinging arm pin in 7075 alloy. The swinging arm pin i made earlier in the year which is being trialled by a top rider as we speak is still going strong. The original wheel spindles are alloy as standard, but they are solid and i guess made from not particularly […]

Yamaha R6 7075 alloy rear axle weight

And then to stick it on the scales and see how much it doesn’t weight. As you can see it doesn’t weigh quite a lot!   So axle and nut combined weigh in at 240g. That is a phenomenal weight saving over the original equipment, and as we all know its unsprung weight so the best kind, it will be […]

Yamaha R6 7075 alloy rear axle

Here it is, the finished article. I’ve been trying to post pics of it for a couple of days but i’ve not had chance. Its a beauty! You’d think being alloy it would be a lot faster than titanium to machine, well it kind of is, you can certainly run the machines faster but drilling isn’t really much quicker, i […]

Yamaha R6 7075 alloy rear axle and oil cooler bolt

I’ve just finished a 7075 alloy Yamaha R6 rear axle, nut and oil cooler bolt. I like 7075, it machines nicely but it is a bit messy. The oil cooler bolt is different to the R1, its about the same everywhere else apart from the oil gallery area under the head. The nut is made as one piece, the original […]