Yamaha R1 titanium engine mounting bolts and pickup bolt

Made a pair of R1 engine mounting bolts and pickup bolt. The engine mounting bolts are tricky over that length due to the deflection, you can never get them perfect on the shank, but these came out well, barely detectable variations on the shank when you run your fingers down them. They both give good weight saving, 138g for the […]

Yamaha R1 titanium clutch actuator shaft

I’m on with a load of R1 titanium parts. One of the components i’m recreating is the clutch actuator shaft. This is complex in that it has many different diameters and undercuts etc, all needing to be pretty accurate. I can only make the bare shaft, i don’t have the capacity to cut the splines and teeth that it will […]

Making an M12x1.75 skt cap bolt

I thought i’d do a quick history of the making of a bolt, just so you can see what goes into one. Some customers gasp at the price of my bolts, but thats because they expect me to press a button and have a cup of tea whilst the machine spews out a few hundred, in reality I stand for […]

En24T crank shaft piece

I’ve been fighting with a chunk of en24T steel today. steel isn’t my forte, even good steel. But i persevered and came up with this: I turned it all in one to keep the journals true to each other. My chuck isn’t bad but you do usually get the regulation 2 thou run off when you take something out and […]

Honda CBR 600 titanium sprocket drive bolts for BST wheels

Here’s a couple of sets of sprocket drive bolts in titanium for BST wheel to fit Honda CBR 600’s. I machine the tollerences very slightly tighter to eliminate excessive play, they aren’t bad as standard but i felt i could improve them just a little! Unfortunately if i was to copy a piece that is already in a state of […]

Titanium Ducati cylinder head studs

I have a theory, and thats that theories don’t work in practice! In theory titanium shouldn’t work very well for cylinder head studs because of its stretchyness. They won’t break, they don’t expand much but they may stretch under load. However i’ve done a few sets now and they all seem to work OK. The worst that could happen is […]