7075 alloy steering stem nuts

And here’s a couple of 7075 alloy steering stem nuts to go with the screws and nuts for the ‘secret project’. They are 1″ x 26 tpi cycle thread, lovely to make. They are all pfledge oiled up ready to go.

The secret project, 7075 alloy screws and nuts

Earlier in December i posted pics of some spindles i’ve made for a secret mission, here’s some more parts for the same project. This was mind numbing work, 60 off 2BA screws (48 x 1/2″ and 12 x 3/8″ long) and 24 off 5/16 cycle thread nuts, all drilled for lockwire, thank goodness they weren’t titanium! I still managed to […]

7075 alloy rear wheel spindle and nuts

I trust everyone has had a spanking xmas! For the last 3 weeks or so i’ve been fighting with a load of 7075 stuff, on top of having a good dose of the black death or something. This is a rear wheel spindle for a special (315mm long), its unrelated to the screws and nuts i’ll be posting pics of […]

Honda VFR titanium spindle set

Got the 7075 alloy parts back from the anodisers for the Honda VFR spindles, nice. Here it is in its entirety, the combined weights of the original set including the pinch bolt is 1437g, my set is 740g, so thats a saving of 697g! more pies!

Titanium and 7075 alloy secret spindles

I’ve just finished a classified job. Its top secret so i’m going to share it with you! Actually its not, but it is confidential so all i can do is show you the parts, not what its for. The original front spindle weighs 462g, mine 143, rear spindle assembly original 780g, mine 397 and the swinging arm original assembly 1074g, […]

Honda VFR titanium and 7075 alloy components

Just about finished making some parts for a VFR Honda, and very nice they are too! In fact yet again i’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to sell them! The 7075 alloy parts are at the anodisers for hard anodising clear, when i get them back i’ll be able to cut the threads on the swinging arm shaft and […]

Yamaha R1 titanium steering stem collar nut

This is the last of the latest batch of R1 7075 and titanium stuff i’ve been working on. I had to order a tap for these, although they could be screw cut easy enough (which i did nearly to size and them chased it up with the tap) i don’t have a thread to try in it, so screw cutting […]