Stafford show

What a great weekend! Met some ace folk, made some good contacts and had a laugh, weather excellent, drive there and back uneventful and smooth, all in all a marvellous event!

one of my customers won a prize for the bike he was showing, i’m hoping to have a page on the website devoted to it, so watch this space.

I had a day off yesterday to recover from the weekend, tried to get my compressor going again. the motor packed in, so i’ve bought a brand new motor and fitted it, but its still dead! looks like its not getting power to the motor yet the wiring seems ok and hasn’t been disturbed since it was powering the old motor. Have to get a sparky in to look at it, when it comes to electric its magic to me, how can something you can’t see, hear or smell kill you dead as soon as look at you? give me a micrometer and a chunk of metal, i can understand that! Quantum, stirs my curiosity but makes my brain fizz when i try to think about it.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who called in at the stall, poo to those who didn’t – you don’t know what your missing!

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