Yamaha R6 7075 alloy rear axle and oil cooler bolt

I’ve just finished a 7075 alloy Yamaha R6 rear axle, nut and oil cooler bolt. I like 7075, it machines nicely but it is a bit messy. The oil cooler bolt is different to the R1, its about the same everywhere else apart from the oil gallery area under the head. The nut is made as one piece, the original […]

Titanium magnetic sump plugs for rally cars

I’m on with a batch of 30 magnetic sump plugs for rally cars. Its hallucination time! so repetetive but being titanium its always a bit exciting as you can never be sure two cuts at the same setting will result in exactly the same diameter! And when i was facing one off it tried to rag the holder out of […]

Stafford show

What a great weekend! Met some ace folk, made some good contacts and had a laugh, weather excellent, drive there and back uneventful and smooth, all in all a marvellous event! one of my customers won a prize for the bike he was showing, i’m hoping to have a page on the website devoted to it, so watch this space. […]

The day after tomorrow

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with titanium, but this was the view from my back door when i got up yesterday. in there somewhere is bradford and leeds, it looked like something from the film ‘the day after tomorrow’.

Titanium bolts, BSF and cycle thread

Made some BSF and cycle thread titanium bolts for a long standing customer yesterday. The heads are to fit Whitworth spanners and are slightly domed. They are going on a very special Matchless. 26tpi is still quite a common size, nominated bsb, but it has 55 degree angle whereas true cycle thread is 60, these are 60! On small threads […]

M4 titanium posts for the anodising industry

Today i’ve made some M4 titanium posts for my local anodisers. They used to have them made by someone else in grade 1 titanium (which is about as strong as mild steel) but they kept breaking, i make them in grade 5 and they don’t snap. But oddly enough grade 5 shouldn’t work very well due to its aluminium content, […]