Ducati 900 bevel titanium engine mounting bolt set

I’ve just done a set of titanium engine mounting bolts for a bevel 900 Ducati. They were HARD to do over that length, the usual deflection came into play and required a lot of jiggery pokery to get them something like, but i’m really pleased with the way they’ve come out, concentric and parallel to within 2 thou, took some […]

Yamaha R1 7075 alloy front wheel spindle

Here’s a couple more photo’s i just found on my camera that i took of one or the 7075 R1 front spindles, its a better view of the socket cap and you can see what i do with the bolt as well. It polishes up beautifully does 7075, but its just not quite as nice to look at as titanium […]

Yamaha R1 7075 alloy front wheel spindles

Then i made a couple of 7075 alloy front spindles for an R1. I got the fatigue and tensile test results back – they stood up to 600kg loading over half a million cycles without any sign of cracking of fracturing and then broke the machine at 70 tons during the tensile test! They are still in one piece! I […]

Yamaha R1 titanium disc bolts

Modern technology – server breaks down, you forget your log in details, software messes you about so with all the wonderful attributes of computers and the internet i still haven’t been able to blog for over a week! all in all my blogging habits have been severely hampered over the last 3-4 weeks through no fault of a person. So […]

Titanium petrol filler cap

Haven’t blogged recently as there was a problem on the server for a while and then i spent a week on a load of fastners and forgot to photo them before posting! so here’s a titanium petrol filler cap and a couple of other fancy bits a made for a customer at the end of last week. I’m on with […]

Honda CBR 600 titanium wheel spindles

So after spending all last week on the Porche titanium brake system bolts and stuff, i needed to reset my head as i was nearly starting to hallucinate! so i’ve made a pair of titanium Honda CBR 600 wheel spindles and 7075 alloy nuts. The original rear of course has a fixed flanged head, 32mm dia, so i’ve made this […]

Porche titanium brake system bolts

I spent the last week making loads of titanium fastners for the braking system on a Porche. Some have Torx 50 style heads, they take some broaching i can tell you! Torx sockets require more metal to be broached than standard hex sockets, which are bad enough, but by attaching the four jaw chuck to the arm of the press […]