Kawasaki ZZR600 titanium wheel spindle and bolt set

Imagine my suprise when the Harley wheel spindles turned out to be for a Kawasaki! My customer has ordered bolts for a Harley caliper before now so i guessed they were for a Harley!

It doesn’t matter to me what bike it is, i just love making parts for bikes regardless of make or model, i don’t discriminate, though i will confess that if its for a Ducati i do get a little extra thrill!

These parts weren’t all straightforward, drilling the rear spindle was problematic as its a 13mm hole all from one end, with that size it has a tendency to run off as there isn’t the rigidity in the drill to cope.

Turning Kawasaki titanium subframe bolt

Even on the subframe bolt which is ‘only’ 289mm the deflection was 6 thou.

Milling Kawasaki titanium wheel spindle castle nut

This process usually has the milling machine dancing around the workshop! it had my neighbours washing maching rattling!

Detail of modification to Kawasaki titanium front wheel spindle

The original has much smaller sockets in the ends, so I’ve done them 19mm which saves loads of weight and i think looks a lot better.

Kawasaki titanium rear wheel spindle head and castle nut

My customer supplied the 22mm socket he’ll be using to tighten them up with so i could mill the hex so its a perfect fit making it less likely to damage the head or slip off whilst torqueing up.

Kawasaki titanium mounting bolts

A bolt with a nipple-ised head!

...and the full set of titanium Kawasaki spindles and mounting bolts

The weight savings are:

Original rear wheel spindle 537g, titanium = 309g

Front wheel spindle (complete with sleeve) 494/234g

Subframe bolt 454/240g

total weight saving 702g

The bolt with the nipple head weighs 152 as original, in titanium its 89g, saving 63g



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