Yamaha R1 titanium oil cooler bolt and oil line connector

I’ve got another order for Yamaha R1 titanium oil cooler bolt, oil line connector and suspension bolt kit. Great! I love doing these. The suspension bolts are a bit fiddly and turned to a close tolerance on the shank to make them a snug fit in the bushes, so they take time to get them nicely to size. I supply Probolt metal type titanium locknuts with them as part of the kit.

The oil cooler bolt and line connector are made, just the suspension bolts to do tomorrow whilst the nuts arrive from Probolt, then hopefully they will be on their merry way to the Czech Republic tomorrow afternoon.

Yamaha R1 titanium oil cooler bolt under construction
Yamaha R1 oil cooler bolt having its head drilled
Yamaha R1 titanium oil line connector, milling the flats

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