7075 alloy wheel spacers

Been making 7075 alloy wheel spacers today, and a titanium suspension bolt. believe it or not i haven’t a clue what bike they are for! I was told but have completely forgotten!

I love working with 7075, i keep going on about it i know but its just so nice! not as nice as titanium though, but lots easier to work with.

I’m doing a 7075 front wheel spindle for an R1 tomorrow and having it anodised, really looking forward to both making it and seeing how it fairs on the road. The customer understands that as i haven’t fully tested 7075 as wheel spindles i can’t accept any responsibility at all for any horribleness that occurs, not that i think it will for a minute, otherwise i wouldn’t make it. I’ve lived by the policy of not selling anything i wouldn’t fit to my own bike, i’d fit a 7075 spindle but as i haven’t done so i can’t say how it will perform. I’ve had a titanium rear spindle in my Ducati for over 10 years, it works!

all that glitters......!

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