Kawasaki ZZR600 titanium wheel spindle and bolt set

Imagine my suprise when the Harley wheel spindles turned out to be for a Kawasaki! My customer has ordered bolts for a Harley caliper before now so i guessed they were for a Harley! It doesn’t matter to me what bike it is, i just love making parts for bikes regardless of make or model, i don’t discriminate, though i […]

Harley Davidson titanium rear wheel spindle.

A mate of mine once had a T shirt with the Harley logo on it, but it read ‘Hardly Desirable’, got him beat up a few times! so for all those in doubt, Harleys can be very desirable, especially if fitted with titanium spindles! This is even longer than the R1 rear spindles, 352mm from under the head.  

Ducati titanium sprocket drive pins

I’ve done some Ducati sprocket drive pins in titanium for a customer in Germany, along with the hard anodised 7075 alloy spacer and a stainless steel exhaust ring. I’ve done lots of sets of drive pins for various bikes, they make sense to me!

Yamaha R1 titanium oil cooler bolt and oil line connector

I’ve got another order for Yamaha R1 titanium oil cooler bolt, oil line connector and suspension bolt kit. Great! I love doing these. The suspension bolts are a bit fiddly and turned to a close tolerance on the shank to make them a snug fit in the bushes, so they take time to get them nicely to size. I supply […]

Titanium true cycle thread (BSC) bolts

I made these a week or two ago and have been waiting for a 7075 alloy bolt to come back from the anodisers. They are 3/8 and 5/16 true cycle thread bolts, ie 60* angle. you can easily get 26 tpi taps and dies as BSB thread form but they are 55* angle. Which to be honest on small stuff […]

BST wheel titanium disc bolts

Feels like ages since i last ‘blogged’ (never thought i’d hear myself say that!). I’ve continued to be busy but haven’t had much to photo and publish as its all been titanium nuts and bolts, and i sometimes think you can see only so many pictures of nuts! I’m still waiting for the 7075 R1 front wheel spindle to come […]